Heading Home – CH Davidson

Heading Home – CH Davidson


Oil painting by Colin H Davidson

Image size 16 x 12

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About – Colin H Davidson

Self-taught and world-renowned artist, Colin H Davidson launched himself into the art world in 2016 as a full-time painter.  He built a successful career out of painting evocative scenes from his 13 years at Harland and Wolff. Colin works from his studio at the bottom of his east Belfast garden.

One of his latest creations was a major prize in a new interactive competition at Belfast’s historic waterfront.

The 59-year-old uses the middle letter ‘H’ in his name in a gentleman’s’ agreement. This is with renowned portrait artist Colin Davidson to avoid confusion.

Colin hasn’t found it plain sailing due to arthritis in his hands and suffering from colour blindness, For instance. Usually, Colin works for three hours before taking a break, but when he drops his brushes or pallet knife, he knows that it’s time to stop.

Career Path

Colin H Davidson left school he took up a four-year apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer at H&W. He moved around different departments within the company for another nine years. Colin’s memories depict those ‘special’ times from the shipyard to create paintings featuring some of the colourful characters.

Colin moved on from H&W in 1990 to work in Bombardier aerospace as a tool design engineer. While working in Bombardier, Colin was painting in his spare time. He gave it up though; He thought ‘it wasn’t going anywhere’. With support from his wife and children, he was encouraged to reawaken his passion for art. This brought memories of the shipyard back onto the canvas.

He decided in 2016 to take a worthwhile early redundancy and retirement package. At this time Colin took up painting fulltime and was pleasantly surprised with the great reaction. Private collectors around the world now own his paintings.

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