New Shoes – Eric McCully


New Shoes – Eric McCully


Limited edition signed print from Eric McCully. Print size 19 x 16 inchs. This print can be mounted and framed to suit your taste/décor with a wide range of exquisite frames available in store, with prices available upon request.


Eric McCully was born in Belfast in 1960.On leaving school; he trained as an electrician and used this skill to see the world. He spent extended periods in South America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe before coming back to the Province to settle down and raise a family.

Throughout his travels he painted the sights and scenes, the people and places that moved him. Although this private record of a young man’s journey far from home was never intended to be a second apprenticeship this is what it
subsequently proved to be. By immersing himself in the process of expressing the emotions in oils on canvas he found himself drawn ever closer to the subject matter, which had spoken to him in the first place.


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